Anthony has four years of experience facilitating yoga and music workshop sessions in schools nurseries, youth centres, for birthday parties, events.

Trained with Yoga Bugs, and more recently completed a yoga teacher training course with the Special Yoga Centre.


What I offer:

Fun and positive open-mic rap sessions
Focused lyric writing and song structure and development
Live performances of powerfully peaceful hip-hop and reggae…
Drumming percussion workshops
Guitar tuition
Writing and music as a healing and learning tool
Sound healing chanting voice discovery

Bespoke sessions can be designed for schools, youth projects,
one on one tuition with children and adults, recording studios, or wherever requested.


Up to date DBS checked.
Youth work level 1 completed.

Get in touch to explore possibilities:


Previous Clients:

March 2009: drumming and rap facilitator in five primary schools and one secondary school in Thamesmeade, as part of a recycled carnival and fashion show with TARU.

March 2010: Musician and Lyric Facilitator for an environmentally
friendly rap project from a secondary school Mile End.


One day hosting an open-mic rap event freestyle event in Thamesmeade south east London as part of a community event with TARU. March 2009

Youth Projects:

From march to September 2009,with TARU (Transforming Arts
Regenerating Understanding) worked in horn park
estate youth music room in Lee, South East London, providing
opportunities to be involved with and record peaceful rap music to
young people involved in or exposed to violent gang culture.

Synergy Youth Council
Starting September 2009 and ongoing rap poetry music
facilitator at the Synergy Youth Council in Camberwell Green/
Peckham, developing song structure lyrical content and recording
performance skills with the Mon Starz facilitated their first
performance in Camden, created a CD with them and recorded
with them for their first studio experience.



Anthony is a very creative, talented and bright artist. He has been
an inspiration to many young people who attended sessions he
ran as part of one of our projects. His approach is very positive
and through his peaceful and challenging ideas he shows young
people that there are ways to make themselves heard. He helped
the young people to understand about respect, self-esteem and
confidence without the need of aggressive and disrespectful words
and music. Anthony is an asset for any organization and project
who may take him on board and he is a great role model for
children and young people.”

Rudy Rocha, Artistic Director – TARU


“Anthony acted with efficiency and professionalism throughout
the project. He developed strong and meaningful relationships
with the young people who looked up to him as a role model.
Anthony’s approach to the young people, his quiet respect and
peacefulness was in real opposition to the often angry and violent
relationships they are used to and so we felt that he was ideal for
the role. We saw the young people develop respect for Anthony,
which was often gained through his musical skill and ability and

gentle challenging of very deep and entrenched views within the
community. He has a mature understanding of the community and
strong values and beliefs which provide aspiration and education
to the young people.”

Mary Rouse, Neighbourhood Investment Co-ordinator – 
L&Q Trust


He provides a fresh and dynamic opportunity for young people
to get involved with music and exploring their own creative talent.
He has a fantastic ability to relate to and empower young people
and inspire them to create powerful tracks and develop their own
musical ability. He has made a real impact with our group who love
him to bits and we look forward to working with him more.”

Joseph Duncan – Synergy Youth Council, Program manages